Behind the technology of the Nadi solution is a team of particularly committed individuals all of whom share the same goal as Nadi’s clients, namely achieving real efficiency gains using high-performance yet user-friendly technology designed to meet all needs of the application’s end-users.

By using the latest technologies, Nadi Solutions has managed to significantly simplify the production of investment fund reports and documents. The automation functions integral to the solution allow fund managers and administrators to improve efficiency. "From the start, our wish was to offer a technological solution that improved the efficiency of our clients," explained Steve Verlinden, COO of Nadi. "However, the technology is nothing without the person using it. The management simplicity our clients can achieve with our solution is the result of in-depth conceptualising by the teams, involving technological expertise and detailed knowledge of the fund business.

A people-centred partnership 

Nadi Solutions would never have achieved this result if it did not have this business expertise within the teams, and the focus the developers have on end-users. "Behind the technology is a motivated, knowledgeable group of people, and the skills of each person have been mobilised to achieve shared objectives,” continued Roger Pearce, Customer Support Manager at Nadi Solutions. “This venture revolves around mutual assistance and trust, between team members as well as between Nadi and our clients."

A real commitment to users 

As well as development, human values are also very evident in the relations between the company and its clients. "Our users are not just buying a ready-to-use solution. Every client is different. Expectations can vary from one to another. So every implementation is different. We stand by our clients and users to advise them and help them make the most of the advantages offered by the technology," continued Steve Verlinden. "We support our clients by taking account of their business challenges, not just the technological aspects."

People at the heart of a successful relationship 

The commitment of the Nadi Solutions teams to their clients allows the latter to enjoy the benefits of the solution as quickly as possible. "The goal is to make users independent with regard to the technology within three or four days, and allow them to enjoy its full potential," said Steve Verlinden. "This is a virtuous circle," added Roger Pearce. "Satisfied users soon express the desire to go further or even to suggest the application to other clients. This is a win-win situation. To this end, the quality of our relationship with our clients is essential," continued Roger Pearce.

Remaining close to users and their needs 

In addition to the implementation of the solution, the commitment of the Nadi teams is also noticeable in the support they offer to users. "We try to remain as available as possible, demonstrating a strong commitment on a day-to-day level. Clients who are having problems, even with their own data, don't hesitate to call us," said Roger Pearce. "We always try to assist them, allowing them to progress their production. We are there to help, going beyond the technological issues. We would not be able to offer this level of support if we did not have an excellent knowledge of professional challenges within the team. It has happened that clients have preferred to call us first, rather than contact their in-house IT."

Technology gives way to the human touch 

Allowing users to stop depending on IT team intervention was one of the key principles that governed the development of the solution. "The way the solution works must not impact on the day-to-day tasks of the person using it. Only the result counts in the end," stated Roger Pearce. "With this in mind, the technology has to provide efficiency, allowing users to best leverage their human skills."

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