the solution for all your reporting needs

At Nadi Solutions, we are all about the users. We designed a simple, compelling and functional application that makes it easy for users to create regulatory compliant reports, delivering excellent productivity.

give efficiency & productivity allocate your resources to higher added value tasks get rid of complexity reduce the risks in the production process be in control you are empowered to grow Import your data and let nadi do the rest. We show you, we train you, we let you do: manage entirely the application autonomously after the setup Add new data and adapt the way your files are imported autonomously All documents are generated from centralised data Adaptable to any accounting GAAP Leverage on the data and rules in place: expand the scope of documents you produce Have all your reviewers work on the same platform No limitation on the type of funds Setup your own controls: automate your checklists and validation processes for systematic verifications Audit trail which tracks all the changes Modification and comments are processed in the same application Documents are produced at the same time, in all languages Designed with users for users: get rid of long user manuals Central dashboard to manage your production Automated document generation after changing an information Accessible in SaaS mode: guarantees an optimal operating costs Focus on your content, update your texts, let nadi take care of the formatting Drag-and-drop blocks to change the mapping or portfolio presentation