NADI - an advanced reporting solution for the financial industry

NADI offers a comprehensive reporting software solution for fund administrators and service providers in the fund industry, by facilitating production, and reducing costs.
Investment funds are required to produce a range of regulated publications on a regular basis (Annual, Semi-Annual, etc.) to explain the objective and performance of the fund. These are documents to be sent to both investors and regulatory bodies.
In recent years the industry has become increasingly regulated, both in the range of documents to produce and the level of compliance required. Changes also allow funds to be more widely distributed: funds can now be distributed in multiple countries.
Each country has its own standards; reports are produced in several languages, for multiple locations; the volume of reports has grown; accuracy and consistency requires ever more resources. These factors raise the burden on fund reporting, driving up costs.
Nadi Solutions provides an advanced technology platform for international financial institutions to manage, produce and distribute complex, multi-lingual regulated documents.

Our competitive advantage

NADI has been developed based on user experience and state-of-the-art technologies to create a highly flexible, productivity-increasing solution for the Fund Reporting industry.

International solution

Multi-language and multi-jurisdiction reporting

Multi-format support for dates and numbers

Worldwide character-set support


Automated report production, from import to publishing

Data consistency maintained through all generated documents

Data enrichment and transformation treatments. Built-in controls.


Intuitive user interface

Segregated environment, definable at end-client level

Production-based workflow

User-defined and amendable document templates


Highly innovative and flexible proprietary data model

Integration of all types of data (text, dates, numbers, pictures, documents) into the data model

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Network and Partners

Nadi Solutions is a member of ALFI, Association Luxembourgeoise des Fonds d'Investissements.
Official partner with the University of Luxembourg.